Advancing into the digital age

With constant developments in technology, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with new trends and transformations on the digital front.
That is why it helps to have a partner in the digital movement.

We explore the various benefits and opportunities that current and near-future digital advancements hold for your business. Place your business in the forefront of digital advancements, to ease opertaions and improve customer experiences. Whether it is connecting to your clients, or the world at large, we have digital solutions for you.

  • Digital Bussiness Cards
  • Contactless Technology
  • Interactive Solutions
  • Streamlining of Proccesses
  • Smart WiFi Connections
  • Digital Restaurant Menus

Products for Digital Advancements

From R150 / Once-off

Konnec Restaurant Menus

  • Share your Menu through contactless technology
  • No more printing of Menus
  • Digital upgrades
  • Customer Service
  • Branded Print
  • Mobile-friendly

From R80 / Once-off

Wifi Konnec

  • Easy WiFi connections
  • User Friendly
  • Contactless
  • One tap WiFi Connection for Clients
  • Multiple Contact Options
  • NFC Technology

From R150 / Once-off

NFC Developments

  • Fact Sheets
  • Mobile Prompts
  • Geo-location Cards
  • Activity Links
  • Digital Pamflets
  • Interactive Stations

Contact us today for more information on the endless possibilities of NFC Technology for your business.

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Our Konnec Products are designed with the intent to place your business on the forefront of digital advancements and help you to progressively Konnec with your clients.

Whether you are looking at digital bussiness cards, contactless menus, one tap WiFi connections, or have another idea that you would like to be made a reality, contact us today to arrange a meeting and let's discuss the future of your business.

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